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    • Canned Oxygen Design
      We create retro, Houston, and Texas themed apparel, in hopes of cultivating a nostalgic feel and happy memories for our great customers. We use premium blended, and lightweight fabric, ideal for those hot Texas summers.
      Canned Oxygen Design was founded in 2016. We never saw the style of art we liked on apparel or gifts, so we decided to make our own. We are avid fans of pixel art, screen printing and anything and everything Houston from then and now. 
      Our hopes is that we continue to create fun and clever mashup deigns, for children and adults across all ages. We genuinely love Houston, Texas, and all of its history; we hope that you do too. We are currently creating more unique gifts, such as stickers and enamel pins. Our aim is to make our customers smile, as they see our retro designs and are reminded of happy memories with their Nintendos and their favorite spots across Houston and Texas.